Complex turning technology - of course by UTP

Utp produces different batch sizes, from a small sample series through to large-scale production. It makes no difference whether the product is a simple or highly complex turned part. All machinable materials are available, for example, machining or stainless steel, or brass grades. utp supports customers with technical expertise during the engineering and development of new parts. In the process, thanks to specialised machines, utp can also meet unusual requirements quickly and fl exibly. The turned and milled parts from utp are used in many different fi elds, including the electronics industry, medical technology, the automotive industry and application technologies.

We produce swivels (turn parts) by means of ultra-modern spindle-machines, amongst other producers Schütte und Gildemeister with a diameter from 3 to 32 mm and CNC-single spindle automatic lathe, amongst other producers “Index“ with a diameter from 3 to 60 mm. This enables us to create complex components in the international competition in a very lucrative and flexible way.

We are experts for special requests and fabricate very complex precision swivels (turn parts) according to individual customer preferences.